Student Internet Policy

Student Internet Safety Policy
Tonica Grade School
District #79

The Tonica Grade School District #79 is committed to providing a safe harbor for all students to access the World Wide Web (internet) that is free of pornographic images, the safe use of electronic mail, chat rooms, and all other forms of direct electronic communication while at school. In addition, each student and parent will read and sign the acceptable use policy for using the Tonica Grade Schools technology. These forms will be provided by the Tonica Grade School District and a copy of this signed agreement will be kept on file in the main office of the school.

In addition, the Tonica Grade Schools instructional staff will take steps to educate the
students about proper online behavior that includes how to interact with other people online, in social media settings, in chat rooms, Skype programs, instant messaging, cyber bullying awareness, and including but not limited to proper responses. The District also prohibits hacking of District servers, grade programs, and/or using the Districts internet and computer devices and peripheries to conduct any illegal activities and/or hacking.

The District will also provide a content/filter/blocker/firewall for inappropriate internet
content for student’s safety while using the Tonica Grade School internet, Wi-Fi, and while using a school provided device or other district or personally owned Wi-Fi/internet ready device. The content/filter/blocker/firewall can and will only be disabled with prior consent and/or approval of the Tonica Grade School Superintendent for approved research or for a lawful approved reason.