Student Behavior Matrix

Tonica Grade School — Student Expectations

  Classroom Hallway Restroom Gym/
Cafeteria Recess/
Be Respectful Follow directions of adultsRaise your handListenBe politeKHFOOTY Walk in single file & stay to the rightWalk quietlyKHFOOTY Respect others privacyUse facilities appropriatelyKHFOOTY Respect privacy & property of othersUse quiet voices & appropriate languageKHFOOTY Use good manners

Use inside voices


Listen & follow directionsShare equipmentShow good sportsmanshipBe kindKHFOOTY Follow the bus safety rulesObey the bus driverKHFOOTY
Be Responsible Complete homeworkBe ready to learn with all necessary materialsLeave no trace (LNT) Keep locker area cleanGo directly to designated area Flush toiletsWash hands with soap & water Keep lockers locked at all times!Take care ofYOURpossessionsUse & return equipment properly Be ready with your orderWalk quietly to line up Return equipmentBe fair & follow rulesDress appropriately Use inside voices & kind wordsBe on timeKeep bus clean
Be A Role Model Work with classmates & display teamworkAccept help from othersKeep trying & do your best

Pick up trash

& do your

part to keep hallway clean

Walk facing forward

Return to class promptlyReport problems immediately Be a leader, not a bully!Treat everyone kindly Keep your area cleanLeave no traceUse your time wisely (eat then talk) Work & play togetherAccept help/give helpDo your best & let others do their best Stay seatedDo your best
Be Safe Chair legs on all fours (four on the floor)Push in chairsUse materials appropriately Walk at all timesLeave space between you& others Clean up after yourselfLeave no trace Use equipment for intended purposeControl your actions Use hand gelHold tray with 2 handsStay in your seatRaise your hand if you need help Stay inside boundariesUse equipment for intended purposesReport harmful/hurtful behavior immediately Keep aisles clearFollow emergency proceduresReport harmful/ hurtful behavior