Tonica Grade School PTC


President: Rikki Kinsella

Vice President: Sarah Patyk

Secretary: Catherine Lambert

Treasurer: Amanda Bangert

PTC Meeting Minutes:

PTC Meeting Minutes 9-13-2021


PTC Newsletters:

PTC Newsletter Sept 2021

The Tonica PTC encourages you to use this Amazon Smile Log In page using your Amazon Account information.  When using the Amazon Smile log-in page a portion of the sale proceeds will be donated back to the Tonica PTC.

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Links to Amazon Teacher Wish Lists.  Please visit the sites below and check out if you would be able to donate the item to the designated teacher.  Thank much!

Miss Larem - K:

Miss Richardson - 1:

Mrs. Mareta - 2:

Miss Flavel - 3:

Mrs. Skinner - 4:

Mrs. Hess - MS Language Arts:

Mrs. Twardowski - Elem Spec. Ed:

Miss Arbet - JH Elem Spec. Ed:

Mrs. Farb - Music: