X add javascript at top

X-remove widget survey

X-add tertiary links

make calendar feed just show titles like ZI

X-directory index page with entry pictures


X-on index page (add announcement feed that are tagged as sports)



  1. <li>boys basketball</li>
  2. <li>girls basketball</li>
  3. <li>softball</li>
  4. <li>baseball</li>
  5. <li>volleyball</li>
  6. <li>track</li>
  7. <li>cheerleading</li>
  8. <li>scholastic bowl</li>


X-Directions to schools

X-Rules/Concussion information

X-Concession Volunteers/needs

X-Coaches (moved link from sports index page)


X- change news to announcements

X- add link to archive

X- set up image for lunch menu and link to lunch menu page

X- add post above lunch menu for showcase

About Our Community

– list of affilated groups

Directory Listing

– do thumbnail profiles like dept listings (Monica has pics)


X- honor roll

Set up email accounts with hosting package

X – add financials page